Unlock an iPhone and Unlock your Mind

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iPhone Creator Steve Jobs

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Appreciating the Greatness of iPhone Gadgets

It’s another weekend which I don’t have plans and nowhere at all to be. I can put down everything and read a book to escape the morass of everyday life. This time I want to temporarily ditch the fiction. Today’s state of mind dictates me to read the serious stuff. Life stories and biographies of real people are what interest me now. I browse into our mini-library’s shelf. I come across with these words in a book, Innovation Secrets. It’s a book sitting in our shelf for two years and I feel like re-reading it. It’s a book that reminds and reinforces my image and knowledge of Steve Jobs. It can be inspiring to be reminded how his philosophy and ideas changed everything. This man deserves his place in history.

I would imagine how our world today looks like without Steve Jobs. We’d likely still be in mobile phone damned complexity. We probably won’t have a decent browsing experience on the phone.

I have recently been fixated on my iPhone, thus the reason for my sudden impulse to learn more about the reason behind its existence. I came across a link that lead me to a site about the truth behind unlocking iPhone gadgets. Beyond the blog itself, I was more focused on the numerous comments on different issues on unlocking an iPhone and how some had to go through all the pain of getting fooled by scammers. For the iPhone to be used in such a mean way, is something I am quite sure, Steve Jobs never wanted to happen.

Apple products, especially iPhone gadgets, have made great impacts in the lives of people today. Perhaps the most remarkable change ushered by the iPhone is that it has created an age of internet that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. It gave us access to emails wherever we were and showed the way for apps like Instagram and Viber. It has been created to put the Internet, phone, movies, and music in a pocket.

A long time ago, I did not own an iPhone and did not bother to succumb to such popular trend but it was its pure simplicity which convinced me to purchase my first iPhone. It was love at first touch as I vividly remember it. The touch screen is simple yet sophisticated. The movement in and out of the applications and the transition from one mode to another is simple yet so refined. Sure, smartphones are capable of making calls, accessing the internet and playing music but it’s the iPhone which has first introduced a device so simple that a two-year-old child can use it. It is the phone that altered the smartphone landscape eight years ago and brought in the new era of intelligent mobile piece.

Unlocked iPhone

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On a personal note, this little thing has the ability to enhance my lifestyle. I have been using it to track my eating habits, track my exercise routine, create my grocery shopping list, organize my work schedules and help me keep up with the daily news. It helps me stay in touch with the world and leads me to the things that interest me. I love how it also allows me to use it as a medium to express myself creatively. There’s too much inspiration everywhere that I limitlessly enjoy taking shots through its camera. I like that it produces quality images and it’s not a complex process. From photographing through processing an image, it has been easy and less time consuming. The iPhone is obviously an indispensable product for everyone who has dreamed of owning something that redefines one’s lifestyle, clears up the small frustrations and makes things so surprisingly simple and ingenious.