Technological Advances in the Field of Security

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What comes to mind when the word “TECHNOLOGY” is mentioned?

Most of us would immediately associate the following concepts:

  • gadgets
  • smartphones
  • The Internet
  • Appliances
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computers
  • Social Media
  • Drones
  • Space Travel

There are a whole lot more ideas and concepts that one immediately and readily associates with technology.

For this blog entry, let me highlight an area that has been greatly using technology to its advantage – security.

Yes, no matter if it is the private sector or the government sector, one thing is for sure, technology is also moving forward in terms of producing gears and apparels that greatly help in advancing the security protocols of different institutions.

From the basic pistols and guard gear security jackets to state of the art lock systems, technology is helping people feel more safe in every aspect of life.

Of course, this does not only mean that the focus is just on the people that are being protected. Apparels are also being enhanced in order to protect the officers that are actually gearing up to save people from dangerous situations.

This is an important part of the advancement process because no matter how technologically advanced a security tech is, it is more important to make sure that the person operating and the person who would be in front ground when something happens, are just as protected.

It should be noted that people in the field of security are more likely to perform their jobs better if they have the proper gears and apparels to go with their job. Even if they have a high security facility, if they are wearing crappy uniforms and have dysfunctional guns, then when an emergency situation arises, you cannot expect them to be at their best. They might even end up harming themselves and others if they are not equipped with the right tools.

Thus, technology also focuses on making sure that the people who work as police and security personnel are not just physically ready, but are “equipment” ready.

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