Tech News: Bluetooth Homephone Integration

Posted by on August 13, 2015 in Tech Blog | 0 comments


As a self-confessed technology geek (especially communications stuff) I love coming across some of the less likely areas of innovation and tech advances. Things like smartphones, Google Glass and now smart watches do get me excited, but I simply love it when otherwise mundane things see a real change through technology. One such area that I recently encountered is the plain and simple home phone system.

Because smartphones have taken over so much in the last 5 to 10 years, the home phone has really taken a back seat. This, of course is understandable, since for most people there really is no need to have more than one phone and smartphones just do so much more than a home phones could possible advance to.

I noticed this when I was trying to add some new numbers to my cordless AT&T phone, which is at least 10 years old. The task was really unintuitive and time consuming as you have to follow the old texting approach where you press buttons numerous times in order to get the right letters. Some of the younger readers will probably have no idea what I am talking about 😉

Anyway, I wanted to add about 20 new numbers and I soon figured out that would end up taking too long and I was getting frustrated; I just couldn’t face spending the next hour trying to input that information. So I wondered whether there was some sort of technology in place to sync my cell phone and home phone. And the answer is yes, technology has triumphed again!

I found some great information and reviews on cordless phones with built-in Bluetooth technology that would also hook up to my PBX. And this makes perfect sense. For short range wireless connections, Bluetooth is ideal and there is practically no cell phone available these days that does not have this simple technology built in.

I quickly went onto Amazon and with my Prime membership I had a new Panasonic cordless phone delivered to my door the following day. Within 10 minutes I had it connected, turned on and most importantly, all my contacts synced, so I did not have to manually enter them. This was such a blessing!

But that’s not where my delight ended. I am now also able to make and take cell phone calls on my home phone. When I come home I can set my iPhone in the charging dock in my office and any incoming calls will divert to my new home phone. I can still decide whether or not to divert to voicemail and more importantly I don’t end up searching the house for my phone when it starts ringing.

So it turns out that all you need to do is find a higher spec cordless phone and you are ready to go and sync your whole communications system. I am now wondering what other slightly old fashioned things in life could be improved by using Bluetooth? There has to be so much more that this incredibly inexpensive technology can be used for.