A Story of Tech Business Success

Other people are not aware of the fact that a lot of young people have wonderful stories to share. They are often misguided by the idea that young people only have stories of struggles to offer. Contrary to that belief, the community of young professionals and business people have stories to offer that everyone can learn a lesson from.

Jessica was once a typical girl that belonged to a below middle-class family. She had a difficult childhood in terms of her family’s financial capability. For this reason, she decided to enter the buy and sale of tech gadgets. She got into this business in hopes of earning even just a little extra, to have additional cash for her school expenses and her allowance. Now, she has more than enough of what she targeted to have. She has now become one of the many people that have become successful in their business escapade through products of technology and gadgets.

Jessica’s primary tool in selling the products was her own collection of tech gadgets that she took the time to gather through determination and proper financial handling. Sure, there are already a lot of people who are in this business, but Jessica found ways to make her gadgets unique and her sales pitches were personal to her so that people will associate her success, to the products and gadgets she is selling.

She found success in the business not only because she was very persistent and determined to succeed, but also because she had a wide spectrum of target market. Using the online community alone, there are a lot of people who are always in the lookout for the latest gadgets and technology so that they can buy them and use them and then discard them when a newer version comes along. Thus, Jessica is in the perfect time to sell the products because of the higher demand from people.

When her network and her clients were growing faster in number, she made sure that her lines of communication are always clear so that no miscommunication would take place. She is selling technology gadgets and tools as a business, she cannot afford to be low tech in her handling of the business work flow. Hence, she made sure to avail of the Virtual PBX system by AT&T so that her Internet lines are synchronized and clear, between her employees and her clients.

Adding more to Jessica’s success in the business is her own flare of positivity and her excellent people skills. She had a style of talking to people that left them amazed and feeling comfortable towards her.


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Music, Technology and Everything In-Between



Why should we stop downloading music for free? Just because these big entertainment conglomerates like Time Warner and Comcast think they think they are right, doesn’t mean that they are. There have been many times when companies have been faced by road blocks and fought to stay in business. After the long fight they actually came out in better shape than they were in to begin with, and this is because they had strong, intelligent people working for them. That’s not the case here, and they are scared of change. You can see from past events that those who take advantage of change and shape it to fill their needs usually make a substantial profit from it. These companies have just become too complacent. They are either too lazy or afraid to take a chance. This may be a great opportunity for them, but they do not want to face a challenge. They are not built as strong as their forefathers and have been further weakened by their leather office chair. I would like to propose an idea. What if we all keep downloading? In the fight to sustain they will get a few, but they can’t get us all. There are always casualties in war. We need a large army of downloaders to keep fighting. If we all keep downloading then these companies will be forced to adapt. I wish I had 1% of their income. Do they think this will really hurt them that bad? They already make millions and millions from merchandise and concerts.

There are so many avenues and possibilities that they could pursue if they would stop wasting their time creeping downloaders on pirate bay. I say figure out a solution. It’s big ideas that came out of situations like this that built these companies to begin with. If they are so worried about making money from music then why don’t just find a different method. Gather your biggest minds, and brainstorm for a few weeks. Find a compromise that will work for everybody. We are going through hard times right now, but the companies that sell music still believe everything is ok. They stubbornly keep the prices on their products way overinflated. Here’s a thought. Maybe if you lower your prices we might start buying your music again. Meet us in the middle. If people take the time to figure out all the crazy ways there are to download music then there must be a reason. Maybe it’s because you have the price set too high. If you want it free you hae to workk hard for it. You would think getting music for free would be easy but in fact it can be a tough, and painful process. It can leave you with a bit of a headache. It would actually be much easier to click a button or two and have the music, quick and easy. Even if you have to pay a little, but if I have to pay what they want in today’s prices. I’m not going to give them a dime, and I’m going to learn how to get it another, more affordable way.


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Internet Marketing – Why You Should Research More!

I’m usually blogging about technology and stuff, but for now, I am going to focus on the one thing that a lot of people are always asking about; Internet marketing.

It all started when a friend of mine quit his job to become an online marketer. He started working on a client; a small company that handles pet insurance and pet insurance info. He pretty much knows what its all about, since he used to work in the same field. He knows his way with pet insurance claims and such.

Unfortunately, his knowledge with online marketing is something he clearly lacked. He made his research and all, but he got hold of online marketing techniques that worked back in 2011.

When it comes to internet marketing, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, Google’s been extra strict nowadays that people are finding it hard to put their business in front of Google’s famous “first page” list. Now, if you’ve been a very diligent internet marketer, you’d know exactly what is going on. Since Google’s released the infamous “Penguin Update”, more and more businesses have fallen down from the first page.  If your website happens to be one of the many sites pulled down from the rankings, it is imperative that you understand the strategy that you have been using and the strategy that you are going to use in order to get back up, in terms of ranking.

Let’s face it; Google’s the king of search engines and if your business is not on its first page, you already lost half the business and profits you should be making from competitors. I actually understand why a lot of business owners spent thousands of dollars buying all kinds of programs, codes, and hiring outsource work in order to get good quality content and to spread his/her website’s links all over the information superhighway. When things got a bit out of control, Google’s started to notice and released the “Panda” Update, the supposedly “gentle”version of the Penguin Update. It was aimed at sites who feature plagiarised, low quality articles; once you got caught, your site will be penalized and stripped of its rankings. Unfortunately, site owners dismissed the Panda Update, thus pushing Google webspam administrators to finally release Penguin way back in May 2012.

Of course, you already know what happened next. Sites fell down in rankings and SEO analysts were scrambling to find a solution in order to stop their client’s sites from falling down. It got so bad that a dozen angry SEO analysts in India even staged a rally in front of Google Mumbai years ago.

In my opinion, these guys who rallied right in front of Google Mumbai must be the ones who have been using underhanded SEO techniques rather than the good ones. The sites that I have been working on are actually fine when the Google updates came in. Well, they may have fallen down in rankings, but the damage wasn’t that bad.

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Tech News: The Benefits of a Hosted PBX

Image Credit: whitehatsme.com

Image Credit: whitehatsme.com

There is a growing demand for PBX systems nowadays, because of the convenience and cost-efficiency it offers clients.

Basically, a PBX system is the telecommunication system used via the internet, and not through the typical telephone service we have come to know. Because of this, PBX systems are preferred, especially by companies, since using it is free, compared to the telephone service that have fixed charges.

Because of the boom in this line of business, a lot of companies have started offering hosted PBX systems to different companies. Each company offers an array of services and have difference strengths in connection and connectivity essentials.

One of the company that is making great name in this industry is Broadconnect. They have growing clients, all satisfied with their work and the quality of PBX system they offer.

Other than cost efficiency, there are other reasons why Broadconnect Telecom hosted PBX phone system, or perhaps any other hosted PBX phone system for that matter, are much advantageous than the traditional telephone service system.

Geographical Flexibility– For companies that jobs that involve geographical difference among employees, PBX is a much reliable form of communication because it has  a wider range, compared to telephone systems. There are still some areas that are not reached by telephone systems whereas PBX is already accessible almost everywhere. Virtual offices are also made possible and easier, because there can be onscreen interaction, compared to voice interaction alone.

Credibility– If you have a budding business, showing your strength through the kind of technology you have, can gain you more clients. They will be able to see your credibility as an able and competent businessman, hence, they will go for your products and services. If you come to clients with the outdated means of communication, then they will be having doubts about you and just how innovative you are. Credibility comes more easily to people when they see you exhibit power in your technology preference.

ScalabilityTelephone systems are restricted and limited. They can only handle a few people per line, and you have to have a lot of lines if you wish to accommodate more. With hosted PBX systems, you can easily expand and grow as much as you need to, and you would not have to add to the cost of buying a telephone line from a telephone provider because with the hosted system, you can quickly be set-up for more without additional charges.

Quick Setup– It would take weeks or months to have your telephone system set up by your local telephone provider. Whereas a PBX solution telecom company like Broadconnect can have you ready in days.

Above all else, this system, the latest technology has offered us, is a system that is easy to use and is very much easy to manage. Of course, with the help of your provider, anything can be possible and everything will be much more convenient.

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Owning a Techie Shop

Image Credit: bncollege.com

Image Credit: bncollege.com

Owning a business is a very hard thing to start with. I have known people who wanted to start a business but terribly fail to choose what type of business to get into.

Here’s a suggestion: start a business involving the sale of techie items. This could mean selling appliances, gadgets, tech accessories, and everything and anything that involves helping people live a better life through getting things done quickly and efficiently.

A lot of people are very dependent on these technological advances these days. When people need to achieve things, the first thing they would do is buy any gadget that could help them achieve and complete tasks with ease. Even more, people buy appliances and gadgets not just when they need them, but when new models are out or when they want a new color or they have to add one more because having more is better, etc. people will always find reasons to buy these technological aids so that they could feel that they are having a wonderful life and an updated life. Blenders for those who like to drink milk shakes and fruit shakes; microwave ovens for those that are always on the go and need less time in reheating meals and snacks; television for the living room, the office and the bedroom, plus another television in the kitchen; the newest update of the iPhone every time it comes out in the market, and all other gadgets or appliances for a different reason.

Maintenance Needed for a Tech Shop

If you invest your business in all these products, it is important that you keep your shop in top condition because what you are selling are not cheap in value. If they get destroyed because of failed safety measures, it would surely mean losing a lot of capital money and you might never be able to recover.

For this reason, you should make sure you set shop in a safe environment, secured from any form of theft, and safe from the most common calamities like floods and quakes. Yes, there are also other considerations like putting up the shop were there is great human traffic, accessible, and convenient. Of course these are also important things to consider. The mistake in that is just the fact that a lot of people are not considering safety as a top priority too. Any threat to anything regarding your business, is a measure every decent and successful business owner should always take into consideration.

Protect your business to make sure you earn. Protecting your business also means protecting your customers, because without them, you would not be earning at all. You can do all that by simply making sure your tech shop is always safe and in great condition.

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Trending: Apple Watch VS Tattooed Wrists

Image Credit: bgr.com

Image Credit: bgr.com

It has been almost a month since the release of the Apple Watch and people are going nuts about it. Some people are just so obsessed with the latest technology and the Apple Watch did not escape that reality.

Some people have even bought the watch for their pets. With applications such as monitoring the health of an individual through heart rate, pet owners made a tiny innovation by using it to track the health state of their dogs and cats.

Crazy as it may be, the watch seems to be giving everyone a happy moment.

However, some people have discovered something about the might watch. Apple Watch users have found a glitch on the gadget and it has been buzzing the internet and social media sites about it.

The recently launched Apple Watch is again in the spotlight as users discovered that it loses connection and does not function well on tattooed skins.

The watch has a feature that reads the heart rate of the owner, as long as it is worn on the wrist. However, when it is placed over tattooed skin, the watch disconnects and consequently asks for the security PIN, something that it supposedly just does when taken off the wrist or loses contact with the skin.

The Apple Watch uses green LED lights paired with light-sensitive photodiodes to detect the amount of blood flowing through the wrist at any given moment. Blood is red because it reflects red light and absorbs green light. As a result, when the heart beats, it flows to the wrist and in effect, greater green light is absorbed in the area as well. By flashing its LED lights hundreds of times per second, the Apple Watch can calculate the heart rate of the person wearing it.

The ink in the wrists disrupts this function because it makes it harder for the Apple Watch to read the right colors that help determine heart rate and skin contact.

While it  is true that the company has vaguely explained how the watch works, it did not explicitly mention the problem in inked wrists. They only made the subtle disclaimer that it will still have the chance to malfunction for some people. This loophole in the gadget caused a lot of tattooed people who bought the watch to be greatly dismayed.

Who would not be, there was no prior notice that it would not work on them, and they already spent months worth of salary just to get their hands on the gadget, only to find out that it would not work for them. Some even have to camp out of the stores just to be one of the few people who get to experience the Apple Watch before the rest of the world does.

Well, at least, that has been found out. I am not sure if Apple plans to address this glitch and produce a tattoo-friendly Apple Watch in the next updates to come. But for the meantime, tattooed people will just have to make do with their iPhones for now.

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