Music, Technology and Everything In-Between

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Why should we stop downloading music for free? Just because these big entertainment conglomerates like Time Warner and Comcast think they think they are right, doesn’t mean that they are. There have been many times when companies have been faced by road blocks and fought to stay in business. After the long fight they actually came out in better shape than they were in to begin with, and this is because they had strong, intelligent people working for them. That’s not the case here, and they are scared of change. You can see from past events that those who take advantage of change and shape it to fill their needs usually make a substantial profit from it. These companies have just become too complacent. They are either too lazy or afraid to take a chance. This may be a great opportunity for them, but they do not want to face a challenge. They are not built as strong as their forefathers and have been further weakened by their leather office chair. I would like to propose an idea. What if we all keep downloading? In the fight to sustain they will get a few, but they can’t get us all. There are always casualties in war. We need a large army of downloaders to keep fighting. If we all keep downloading then these companies will be forced to adapt. I wish I had 1% of their income. Do they think this will really hurt them that bad? They already make millions and millions from merchandise and concerts.

There are so many avenues and possibilities that they could pursue if they would stop wasting their time creeping downloaders on pirate bay. I say figure out a solution. It’s big ideas that came out of situations like this that built these companies to begin with. If they are so worried about making money from music then why don’t just find a different method. Gather your biggest minds, and brainstorm for a few weeks. Find a compromise that will work for everybody. We are going through hard times right now, but the companies that sell music still believe everything is ok. They stubbornly keep the prices on their products way overinflated. Here’s a thought. Maybe if you lower your prices we might start buying your music again. Meet us in the middle. If people take the time to figure out all the crazy ways there are to download music then there must be a reason. Maybe it’s because you have the price set too high. If you want it free you hae to workk hard for it. You would think getting music for free would be easy but in fact it can be a tough, and painful process. It can leave you with a bit of a headache. It would actually be much easier to click a button or two and have the music, quick and easy. Even if you have to pay a little, but if I have to pay what they want in today’s prices. I’m not going to give them a dime, and I’m going to learn how to get it another, more affordable way.