Living Near Your Tech Business Through Proper Search Of Homes For Sale In Anniston

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Over a year ago, I was browsing through some websites about do-it-yourself craft ideas for children’s party. I stumbled upon a blog with contents about artisanal concepts on designs. Gazing at the site’s vintage wallpaper, handwritten fonts and simple layout, I felt connected to it. I had always been charmed by anything “old school”. I took pleasure looking at the beautiful images of craft designs made and photographed by the author. I became an instant fan of hers.

The creative author’s name is Sandra. She’s a graphic designer who owns a small dainty studio in Anniston. It is the creative process and digital technology that makes her produce quality artworks. Although she’s more on the side of making handmade things, she finishes almost everything with the help of an editing software and a high-end printer. I admired her craft works that I signed up for a weekly newsletter to get updates about her scheduled workshops.

At some point, we became acquainted at one of her workshops. We became good friends and now sharing the same hobbies in crafting and designs. Sandra is also quite skilled in photography and that she believes in investing in a good camera. She has two vintage cameras, professional SLR camera and other three Fujifilm cameras. Aside from being fanatic about cameras, she shows enthusiasm with the latest electronic gadgets in the market because she believes technology enhances her creative life.

It was the Internet technology which sparked an idea for Sandra to open her design studio and shop. At first, she started her designing business through the Internet without going through the fuss and difficulty of getting a big capital. She sold her works online and used Instagram as part of her marketing tools. It has been a helpful way in promoting her business while being creative at the same time.

Sandra’s business had been running so smoothly. It’s one good indication that her market had widened because of social media. A lot of people from the states and other countries had appreciated her beautiful works. She’s been catering orders and requests from both local and international. Sometimes, I do accompany and assist her in her workshops held in different cities.

Sandra never asked help from anyone even from her parents when putting up her business. Her parents wanted her to work in big company but she followed the path that will fulfill her. She’s been working hard to make her business a success. She had accomplished something tough. When she told me that she will be living an independent life, I was happy for her. It meant she had to live on her own. And she wanted to live in a house she can call her own. As expected from a friend, I helped her find a nice simple house near to her studio. I searched through the ads in the internet for some homes for sale in Anniston. I found one that I knew she would love because we’ve always had the same style and taste and that’s the foremost reason why we became friends.