Internet Marketing – Why You Should Research More!

Posted by on July 20, 2015 in Tech Blog | 0 comments

I’m usually blogging about technology and stuff, but for now, I am going to focus on the one thing that a lot of people are always asking about; Internet marketing.

It all started when a friend of mine quit his job to become an online marketer. He started working on a client; a small company that handles pet insurance and pet insurance info. He pretty much knows what its all about, since he used to work in the same field. He knows his way with pet insurance claims and such.

Unfortunately, his knowledge with online marketing is something he clearly lacked. He made his research and all, but he got hold of online marketing techniques that worked back in 2011.

When it comes to internet marketing, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, Google’s been extra strict nowadays that people are finding it hard to put their business in front of Google’s famous “first page” list. Now, if you’ve been a very diligent internet marketer, you’d know exactly what is going on. Since Google’s released the infamous “Penguin Update”, more and more businesses have fallen down from the first page.  If your website happens to be one of the many sites pulled down from the rankings, it is imperative that you understand the strategy that you have been using and the strategy that you are going to use in order to get back up, in terms of ranking.

Let’s face it; Google’s the king of search engines and if your business is not on its first page, you already lost half the business and profits you should be making from competitors. I actually understand why a lot of business owners spent thousands of dollars buying all kinds of programs, codes, and hiring outsource work in order to get good quality content and to spread his/her website’s links all over the information superhighway. When things got a bit out of control, Google’s started to notice and released the “Panda” Update, the supposedly “gentle”version of the Penguin Update. It was aimed at sites who feature plagiarised, low quality articles; once you got caught, your site will be penalized and stripped of its rankings. Unfortunately, site owners dismissed the Panda Update, thus pushing Google webspam administrators to finally release Penguin way back in May 2012.

Of course, you already know what happened next. Sites fell down in rankings and SEO analysts were scrambling to find a solution in order to stop their client’s sites from falling down. It got so bad that a dozen angry SEO analysts in India even staged a rally in front of Google Mumbai years ago.

In my opinion, these guys who rallied right in front of Google Mumbai must be the ones who have been using underhanded SEO techniques rather than the good ones. The sites that I have been working on are actually fine when the Google updates came in. Well, they may have fallen down in rankings, but the damage wasn’t that bad.