Seeking Assistance of a Plumbing Company

I never really gave plumbing much thought. All I focused on is my work and art, and how I can continue to expand my knowledge on technology and help improve the convenience of people.

However, a recent plumbing incident in my home has made me realize that plumbing is a very important part of anybody’s life; no matter what profession or field you are in.

I bank in technology innovation and I continue to study this field in order to share more knowledge to fellow enthusiasts. Now, it is time that I share a few things I learned that may not be entirely tech-related, but is still fairly important to everybody’s daily lives.

This is especially true for my case, who has tons of gadgets and techie stuff in my home. A single mishap in my plumbing system could lead to leaks and water damage problems that will not only deteriorate my home, but has the potential to destroy my gadgets and anything electric in my home. We all know how water can never be in jive with electronic gadgets, right?

This is exactly what happened to me a few days back. I almost lost a lot of my important tech gadgets because of a major plumbing error that ultimately blew up a whole in my pipelines, causing a surge of water in my bedroom bathroom.

I did not know what to  do. It was embarrassing, but I did not even know where the main line was so that I could shut it down. That was how unknowledgeable I was.

What I did was bring my tech gadgets far from the area that was already gushing with water. I had no other choice because I really did not know how to stop the water from flowing.

After saving my gadgets and a few important furnitures, I checked online for a plumbing company that provided 24 hours emergency service.

Luckily, I was able to come across CMAC Plumbing. Great reviews on the first few pages so I immediately went ahead and called them. I had no time to do more research on the company because I had to call them and have them come over as quickly as possible.

Boy, was I glad they followed through. They arrived fairly quickly, considering that the incident was during the wee hours of the night. CMAC Plumbing Repairs was able to send expert plumbers who went ahead and turned off the main line. They were also very understanding when I explained that I honestly did not know where and how to turn off the main line. They did not judge my lack of knowledge and told me that “that’s what we are here for, sir!”

They were able to fix the problem in a few hours. They had to come back the next day to bring in a few equipment but at least the problem was addressed before it was able to ruin more things and reach my tech gadgets.

I highly recommend this company. I will soon be sending them my review as a sign of thanks and hopefully, those who have problems in their plumbing will be able to find them up their searches so that they won’t be dismayed.

They told me they also have CMAC Commercial Plumbing so if you have plumbing concerns for your tech shops and whatnot, you can call for their help as well.

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Technological Advances in the Field of Security

What comes to mind when the word “TECHNOLOGY” is mentioned?

Most of us would immediately associate the following concepts:

  • gadgets
  • smartphones
  • The Internet
  • Appliances
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computers
  • Social Media
  • Drones
  • Space Travel

There are a whole lot more ideas and concepts that one immediately and readily associates with technology.

For this blog entry, let me highlight an area that has been greatly using technology to its advantage – security.

Yes, no matter if it is the private sector or the government sector, one thing is for sure, technology is also moving forward in terms of producing gears and apparels that greatly help in advancing the security protocols of different institutions.

From the basic pistols and guard gear security jackets to state of the art lock systems, technology is helping people feel more safe in every aspect of life.

Of course, this does not only mean that the focus is just on the people that are being protected. Apparels are also being enhanced in order to protect the officers that are actually gearing up to save people from dangerous situations.

This is an important part of the advancement process because no matter how technologically advanced a security tech is, it is more important to make sure that the person operating and the person who would be in front ground when something happens, are just as protected.

It should be noted that people in the field of security are more likely to perform their jobs better if they have the proper gears and apparels to go with their job. Even if they have a high security facility, if they are wearing crappy uniforms and have dysfunctional guns, then when an emergency situation arises, you cannot expect them to be at their best. They might even end up harming themselves and others if they are not equipped with the right tools.

Thus, technology also focuses on making sure that the people who work as police and security personnel are not just physically ready, but are “equipment” ready.

police and security // guard gear security jackets


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If there is one thing that technology has greatly changed, its the work environment, especially for businesses in Illinois.

There have been white collar jobs and professional services that were affected by the dramatic technological changes since the past years. Tasks such as bookkeeping and clerical works were handled by a computing technology which models human abilities such as analytics and “Big Data”. The routine tasks in manufacturing were taken over by works of computer and automation.

With the presence of emails, people nowadays are no longer paying postal offices to send letters. So we expect to see fewer mail men working now. The future of traditional newspaper prints is becoming uncertain too because the internet is publishing thousands of blogs everyday where people have free access to. The job of a librarian is also becoming endangered because students now are relying more on the fast and effective tool of internet’s search engine.

This idea of emerging technologies wiping off jobs is startling everyone in society. But many economists believe that there is a promising future brought by advances in innovation and technology.

This holds true for areas like water damage restorations services, who have improved so much in terms of speed, accuracy and efficiency, all thanks to technology. Chemical compositions of items used for disinfecting and other jobs have also improved, making companies that offer this service compete in a higher level.

This is the reason why websites like have emerged – to help provide helpful information on which companies have what it takes to call themselves “updated” in terms of water damage service techniques and systems.

While many jobs are likely to be replaced by these remarkable advancements, new categories of jobs will also likely emerge. Robots designers, transportation network engineers and people skilled in software development and data analytics are the kind of professionals most likely needed in the near future. The ordinary worker will see their jobs augmented by the new innovations and they will learn additional skills making them more marketable.

There are some professions which are expected to be spared from the technological force. These are jobs requiring creativity, empathy and intuitiveness. If we are to ensure today’s students with a job that’s not going to be obsolete in the future, we can always recommend to them the careers of nurses, psychologists, teachers and marketing sales representative. The innovations in health care lengthen people’s lives and the services of health care professionals are much needed. Machines cannot replace the job of an inspiring and skilled teacher. Teachers are certainly needed in the future workforce.

Below is a video of how the world of employment and jobs has changed over the past years:

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Living Near Your Tech Business Through Proper Search Of Homes For Sale In Anniston

Over a year ago, I was browsing through some websites about do-it-yourself craft ideas for children’s party. I stumbled upon a blog with contents about artisanal concepts on designs. Gazing at the site’s vintage wallpaper, handwritten fonts and simple layout, I felt connected to it. I had always been charmed by anything “old school”. I took pleasure looking at the beautiful images of craft designs made and photographed by the author. I became an instant fan of hers.

The creative author’s name is Sandra. She’s a graphic designer who owns a small dainty studio in Anniston. It is the creative process and digital technology that makes her produce quality artworks. Although she’s more on the side of making handmade things, she finishes almost everything with the help of an editing software and a high-end printer. I admired her craft works that I signed up for a weekly newsletter to get updates about her scheduled workshops.

At some point, we became acquainted at one of her workshops. We became good friends and now sharing the same hobbies in crafting and designs. Sandra is also quite skilled in photography and that she believes in investing in a good camera. She has two vintage cameras, professional SLR camera and other three Fujifilm cameras. Aside from being fanatic about cameras, she shows enthusiasm with the latest electronic gadgets in the market because she believes technology enhances her creative life.

It was the Internet technology which sparked an idea for Sandra to open her design studio and shop. At first, she started her designing business through the Internet without going through the fuss and difficulty of getting a big capital. She sold her works online and used Instagram as part of her marketing tools. It has been a helpful way in promoting her business while being creative at the same time.

Sandra’s business had been running so smoothly. It’s one good indication that her market had widened because of social media. A lot of people from the states and other countries had appreciated her beautiful works. She’s been catering orders and requests from both local and international. Sometimes, I do accompany and assist her in her workshops held in different cities.

Sandra never asked help from anyone even from her parents when putting up her business. Her parents wanted her to work in big company but she followed the path that will fulfill her. She’s been working hard to make her business a success. She had accomplished something tough. When she told me that she will be living an independent life, I was happy for her. It meant she had to live on her own. And she wanted to live in a house she can call her own. As expected from a friend, I helped her find a nice simple house near to her studio. I searched through the ads in the internet for some homes for sale in Anniston. I found one that I knew she would love because we’ve always had the same style and taste and that’s the foremost reason why we became friends.


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Unlock an iPhone and Unlock your Mind

iPhone Creator Steve Jobs

Image Credit:

Appreciating the Greatness of iPhone Gadgets

It’s another weekend which I don’t have plans and nowhere at all to be. I can put down everything and read a book to escape the morass of everyday life. This time I want to temporarily ditch the fiction. Today’s state of mind dictates me to read the serious stuff. Life stories and biographies of real people are what interest me now. I browse into our mini-library’s shelf. I come across with these words in a book, Innovation Secrets. It’s a book sitting in our shelf for two years and I feel like re-reading it. It’s a book that reminds and reinforces my image and knowledge of Steve Jobs. It can be inspiring to be reminded how his philosophy and ideas changed everything. This man deserves his place in history.

I would imagine how our world today looks like without Steve Jobs. We’d likely still be in mobile phone damned complexity. We probably won’t have a decent browsing experience on the phone.

I have recently been fixated on my iPhone, thus the reason for my sudden impulse to learn more about the reason behind its existence. I came across a link that lead me to a site about the truth behind unlocking iPhone gadgets. Beyond the blog itself, I was more focused on the numerous comments on different issues on unlocking an iPhone and how some had to go through all the pain of getting fooled by scammers. For the iPhone to be used in such a mean way, is something I am quite sure, Steve Jobs never wanted to happen.

Apple products, especially iPhone gadgets, have made great impacts in the lives of people today. Perhaps the most remarkable change ushered by the iPhone is that it has created an age of internet that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. It gave us access to emails wherever we were and showed the way for apps like Instagram and Viber. It has been created to put the Internet, phone, movies, and music in a pocket.

A long time ago, I did not own an iPhone and did not bother to succumb to such popular trend but it was its pure simplicity which convinced me to purchase my first iPhone. It was love at first touch as I vividly remember it. The touch screen is simple yet sophisticated. The movement in and out of the applications and the transition from one mode to another is simple yet so refined. Sure, smartphones are capable of making calls, accessing the internet and playing music but it’s the iPhone which has first introduced a device so simple that a two-year-old child can use it. It is the phone that altered the smartphone landscape eight years ago and brought in the new era of intelligent mobile piece.

Unlocked iPhone

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On a personal note, this little thing has the ability to enhance my lifestyle. I have been using it to track my eating habits, track my exercise routine, create my grocery shopping list, organize my work schedules and help me keep up with the daily news. It helps me stay in touch with the world and leads me to the things that interest me. I love how it also allows me to use it as a medium to express myself creatively. There’s too much inspiration everywhere that I limitlessly enjoy taking shots through its camera. I like that it produces quality images and it’s not a complex process. From photographing through processing an image, it has been easy and less time consuming. The iPhone is obviously an indispensable product for everyone who has dreamed of owning something that redefines one’s lifestyle, clears up the small frustrations and makes things so surprisingly simple and ingenious.



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