A Story of Tech Business Success

Posted by on July 29, 2015 in Tech Blog | 0 comments

Other people are not aware of the fact that a lot of young people have wonderful stories to share. They are often misguided by the idea that young people only have stories of struggles to offer. Contrary to that belief, the community of young professionals and business people have stories to offer that everyone can learn a lesson from.

Jessica was once a typical girl that belonged to a below middle-class family. She had a difficult childhood in terms of her family’s financial capability. For this reason, she decided to enter the buy and sale of tech gadgets. She got into this business in hopes of earning even just a little extra, to have additional cash for her school expenses and her allowance. Now, she has more than enough of what she targeted to have. She has now become one of the many people that have become successful in their business escapade through products of technology and gadgets.

Jessica’s primary tool in selling the products was her own collection of tech gadgets that she took the time to gather through determination and proper financial handling. Sure, there are already a lot of people who are in this business, but Jessica found ways to make her gadgets unique and her sales pitches were personal to her so that people will associate her success, to the products and gadgets she is selling.

She found success in the business not only because she was very persistent and determined to succeed, but also because she had a wide spectrum of target market. Using the online community alone, there are a lot of people who are always in the lookout for the latest gadgets and technology so that they can buy them and use them and then discard them when a newer version comes along. Thus, Jessica is in the perfect time to sell the products because of the higher demand from people.

When her network and her clients were growing faster in number, she made sure that her lines of communication are always clear so that no miscommunication would take place. She is selling technology gadgets and tools as a business, she cannot afford to be low tech in her handling of the business work flow. Hence, she made sure to avail of the Virtual PBX system by AT&T so that her Internet lines are synchronized and clear, between her employees and her clients.

Adding more to Jessica’s success in the business is her own flare of positivity and her excellent people skills. She had a style of talking to people that left them amazed and feeling comfortable towards her.